About us

We are Aylin and Marin. A young couple from Plovdiv, who likes to travel, tour, climb, take photos and snack. We use every opportunity to travel outside the city and enjoy Bulgaria’s eco-paths, waterfalls, fortresses or pastry shop. As we love to take some awesome pictures, we’ve created this website as a place where we share our photos taken during our trips, and share our impressions of the places you’ve visited. And here’s a little more about us.

Marin is the person who organizes all trips – reservations, route selections and luggage preparations. He works actively in the IT, but even more actively likes to rest. He has plenty of hobbies such as table tennis, tennis, fitness, photography, skating, technology, and perhaps more things I can’t think of right now. He also has a dog. Golden Retriever named Sarah. You will see her in the photos.

Aylin – teacher by profession, ailiak by soul. Loves animals, manicure and sweets. For the first two – I’m not so sure. She loves to ride, listen to bulgarian music and sleep. During our trips she is a “tripod carrier”. In other words, she carries the tripod, but she does it somehow professionally. She is also a dog owner to Raya pinnacle.

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