Afternoon walk to Hillock of Fraternity

We had to do something quickly in the mall, and after “Oh man, not the mall again,” I thought it might be a good idea to take the drone with me and see what happens. I had some luck – this time we ended up with the malls within 15 minutes (great success). We headed for the Hillock of Fraternity. For those who are not familiar, the Hillock of Fraternity is a memorial complex in Plovdiv, dedicated to the fallen for the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule and during the Balkans, the First World and World Wars. The monument symbolizes a Thracian mound, and from above it resembles a stylized stone wreath. In the middle of the monument was burning “eternal fire”

The monumnet is located near the park “Recreation and Culture”, in Smirnenski district. Nearby are the Rowing Venue, the Plovdiv Stadium, the Plovdiv Mall, and in the distance you can see Bunardzhik hill and at the top you can see the monument of Alyosha.

The pictures represent a different view over what is accepted for giving and “nothing special” in Plovdiv


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