Apriltsi – Vidima waterfall

Vidima Falls is a waterfall running down the slopes of the North Djendem Reserve in the Central Balkan Park in the Balkan Mountains. The waterfall is located in immediate proximity to the town of Apriltsi and in particular to Vidima HPP. The height of the waterfall is over 80 meters, making it second in height after the rainfall. The waterfall is a formation of three separate streams that collect in one. They spring from the Yurushka Peak peak. The water flows in such a shape that the foot has become a natural swimming pool suitable for recreation and recreation. Nature has scattered around the waterfall many alpine rocks and meadows that make the region attractive for tourism. An eco path “Vidimsko praskalo” was also created.

The starting point of the Vidimsko praskalo eco path is the Vidima neighborhood in the town of Apriltsi. The route through which it passes is particularly picturesque and reveals a huge part of the beauty of the Balkan Mountains. The eco-path is about 16 km long and it would appeal to everyone who loves the nature, the fresh air and is fond of the long walks. Here you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes and natural sights. The crossing of the eco-path takes about 4 hours, but you will be so stunned by the charm of the mountain that you will not feel when they have gone. The terrain is easy to cross and there are no dangerous areas. The route passes through a dense and cool beech forest and follows the stream of the Pskalsk River. On the eco path you can reach the waterfall of the same name – Vidimsko praskalo, which is one of the pride of Bulgaria. The waterfall is the starting point of the eco-path. The rocks around the waterfall are suitable for climbing and attract yearly rock climbers and professionals.

Vidimska Praskalo gives rise to a great stream where you can sit down to relax and cool in the summer or have a picnic. The Ecopath is a fascinating labyrinth of small wooden bridges and beautiful views that will make you constantly admire and gaze at them. You will want to swallow more of the fresh air, enjoy the natural landscapes and breathe in from the fresh forest aroma. The recreation and picnic area is built along the eco path. There is a special and special place for children to learn new and interesting things about nature. Throughout the route there are information signs and explanations for the species of plants and animals that are found in the vicinity, with more details about them.


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