Buzludja Monument

The monument of Buzludja (official name home Memorial of the Bulgarian Communist Party) is the popular name of the largest ideological monument of the communist regime in Bulgaria. The site is included in the Shipka-Buzludzha National Park Museum, which was declared a historical and architectural reserve (State Gazette No. 97, 1978).

It was erected in 1981 on Mount Hadji Dimitar, more known by its old name (until 1942) Buzludja, in honor of the Buzludzha Congress, held in the same place in 1891. The Congress was founded by the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, whose successors the BCP and its successor BSP are considered. Peak Buzludzha and the Monument are a holy light for the Bulgarian Communists until 1989.

Asphalt roads from Shipka peak and from the main road Stara Zagora – Rousse in the section after Kazanlak are passed by the monument. At the end of the retreat for the monument was erected a tall monument in full height of Dimitar Blagoev.


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