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Calmness and real rest in Tsarevo [4k Video]

The weather and atmosphere in the country in recent months has been such that we have not been able to enjoy our favorite pastime – travel. After removing some of the restrictions, there was nothing to stop us. We were invited to visit Hotel Zebra in the town of Tsarevo. We couldn’t wait to feel the thrill of getting back in the car and leaving. So we quickly packed our bags and set off excitedly.

Our first stop was the port city of Tsarevo, which is located at the foot of Strandzha Mountain in southeastern Bulgaria. It is located on three rocky peninsulas, which form 4 beautiful bays. This is the southernmost port in Bulgaria, and to the south of it are the Strandzha peak Papia, the largest Strandzha river – Veleka and the oldest reserve in Bulgaria – Silkosia. With the variety of landmarks of different nature, Tsarevo is emerging as one of the most attractive municipalities in the Burgas region. The combination of sea, mountains and rivers is in one with the traditions, the authentic Strandzha culture and customs, provide various opportunities for tourism development. Here everyone can find something for themselves! There are many sights that we missed, but they are on our list for the next trip. Our stay was limited, so we took advantage of every minute to enjoy the beauty that Tsarevo reveals to us.

Church of the Assumption

The church “Holy Assumption” stands alone on the southern peninsula of the city. It was built on the foundations of a chapel from the Middle Ages. This is evidenced by preserved icons painted by John Zograf of Ahtopol in the years from 1797 to 1805. In its current form, the church dates from 1895. It survived the great fire in Vasiliko (a neighborhood in Tsarevo) in the late XIX century.

The Church of the Assumption is one of the most beautiful on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is emblematic of the town of Tsarevo. Most amazing of all is the feeling of true full contact with the sea.

We were enchanted by the charm and fragrance of the beautiful roses that were everywhere.

This beautiful view is from the church “Holy Assumption”. You can see the old part of Tsarevo and Vasiliko beach. He is small and beautiful. The view is beautiful! We sat on one of the benches to enjoy the rough sea, the beauty of the old town. We wanted to take some pictures of the rocks next to the temple. It was very cold and we almost gave up. After some time spent thinking, we came to the conclusion that if we do not take the pictures then we will regret it. I put on the dress, put on the heels and that’s one of many.

Tsarevo Sea Garden

The Sea Garden in Tsarevo is an amazing place where visitors can enjoy the beautiful sea view while walking along the alleys surrounded by flowers and trees. For sports fans there is a mini golf course. The garden is located at the end of Tsarevo near the beach.

The port and the lighthouse

The port and the lighthouse. In Tsarevo is the first lighthouse-sculpture of its kind. The bronze figure of a Thracian goddess is over 5 meters high and weighs about 3 tons. The goddess is placed on a concrete pedestal, at a height of over 16 meters above sea level. The lighthouse symbolizes the hospitality of the town of Tsarevo and the security of those coming from the sea.

The renovated city center.

I can’t help but pay attention to the many benches with unique architecture and green gardens. In the evening, everything is romantically lit. In the center are many of the important administrative and public buildings for the village. These are the municipality, the district court, the community center, the historical museum, as well as many cafes, restaurants and other fast food restaurants, bars and discos.

Central beach

The central beach is located near the city center. It is not very big, but on the other hand it is in the heart of the city.

The hotel we were in is only 4 minutes from the beach, and we had come up with some creative ideas for photos. We grabbed our backpacks, photo frames and mirror and left.

The sea was so calm and the water clear.

Here I feel like a mermaid who is illuminated by the sun for the first time. No matter how cold the water is, you can’t help but go to the sea and at least dip your feet, especially when it is crystal clear.

These were picture frames, they are now a decor. This shot turned out to be quite difficult to perform. Only Marin knows how many shots he took and how many cameras he changed, but I think the result is worth it.

Централен плаж - Царево

Veleka Beach

21 km south of Tsarevo is our favorite beach “Veleka”. The beach is a beautiful work of nature that everyone deserves to enjoy. The charm lies in the way the calm waters of the Veleka River move parallel to the sea and then flow into it. This time, when we visited the beach, it was even more beautiful because the sea was rough and the river was calm. This heavenly place is imbued with peace, tranquility and romance. We couldn’t miss it, this time the waves were very big and the Veleka River was so calm …

Hotel Zebra

As I mentioned at the beginning, we were invited to visit Tsarevo by Emilia Stefcheva, owner of Hotel Zebra. Thanks again for her hospitality. The hotel complex is located near the beach and almost each of its rooms offers amazing views. It is close to the central beach, the port and the sea garden. The building has 4 floors with attractive architecture, and in the central area is formed an atrium with a glass pyramid. I was so surprised when we got on the roof. Is unique! Currently, the roof is being renovated and it is designed to place Jacuzzis, sunbeds and tables. We immediately decided that we would meet the sunrise from there and we did.

We sent the setting sun off the roof again. I can’t describe to you in words how beautiful it is. Even the photos fail to reproduce the beauty that is revealed at sunset.

The hotel complex has 3 large apartments, 19 smaller and 18 double rooms. I really like panoramic windows, and here they have a view of the sea, when you look through them you are stunned by the beauty.

We stayed in one of the big apartments. We had never been in such a large and wide room. There were 2 terraces, both with sea views.

From one terrace you could see the harbor with the lighthouse. The complex also has a great pool, which is also currently being renovated. We highly recommend you, if you are wondering where to rest this summer, choose the Bulgarian sea and Hotel Zebra in Tsarevo. You will be very satisfied.

Old robbers

This is the name of one of the restaurants near Tsarevo, and its name is simply fascinating. Amy took us to dinner there and we were so surprised by this place. From the parking lot it grabs you with its art sense. Arranged various antiques, books and paintings they transport to another world. The restaurant welcomes its guests in a friendly, unpretentious and slightly playful atmosphere. The owners are from Sofia, but have decided to move to the village and have opened the restaurant. I really like such places, where from the very beginning it seems that it was done with desire and love. We sat down at one of the tables inside because it was already cold outside. They brought us a whiteboard on which was written the proposal for the day. I liked this idea so much. The food was unique! Everything we tried was so delicious that the plate quickly became empty. In the end, everyone had filled their stomachs to the brim, but we couldn’t help but try the dessert of the day. It was a chocolate mousse with Belgian chocolate. The sweet went to the heart though. I licked my fingers, as they say. A must visit this wonderful restaurant!

Unfortunately, we could not see the fire dances in the village of Bulgari, Tsarevo municipality. We were told that the experience was unique. In Bulgaria, tradition dictates that every year on the evening of June 3, on the square in the village of Bulgari to spread embers, on which the icon of St.St. Constantine and Elena in the hands of dancing firefighters. I hope we will one day be able to see and film this holiday, not just read and be told.

The natural resources and the rich cultural and historical heritage of the municipality of Tsarevo are worth visiting this remarkable part of Bulgaria. We recommend that you plan your summer vacation here. You will be enchanted by the resort and the sights it has.

Marin is the person who organizes all trips – reservations, route selections and luggage preparations. He works actively in the IT, but even more actively likes to rest.

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