Day 13: Around Bulgaria in 14 days

The 13th day started in Varna. Since we were not able to fully tour the city in the evening, we decided to take another short tour of the garden. We even managed to get into the dolphinarium. As we waited for the show to begin, I was able to catch a quick glimpse of some of the sea garden.

After a short stroll, it was time to head into the hall to see the dolphin show. It was extremely interesting to see dolphins clapping, jumping through hoops, playing basketball, passing the ball.


The show lasted about 30 minutes. Then we headed to a place that I wanted to visit for a long time – Bolata Bay. This is one of our most beautiful and protected bays. It is located from the north of Cape Kaliakra. The water there is crystal clear, the coast is soft, fine sand, and the beach itself is surrounded by unique red rocks. The place is just fabulous. The beach is easily accessible and has the option of being seen from high, climbing to an abandoned lighthouse located on the cliffs nearby. The view is really captivating:

I’m sure the sunrise view is even more beautiful, but to be caught you have to be very early. Unfortunately, we are not.

If you have children, this beach is more than adequate – there is clean water, the beginning of the beach is quite shallow, you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy a pleasant and probably well deserved vacation.


A few years ago, a friend of mine visited Tyulenovo and returned with enviably beautiful photos from the coast. It was a must for me to visit this destination as well.

The place is famous for its unique coast and caves, clean air, clear sea water and its unique nature. There is no everyday life and noise of the city, there are only peaceful and happy moments! For those who are looking for wild places and want to get closer to nature, this is a place for recreation, sea fishing and underwater tourism.

When we arrived, we immediately went ashore with the fishing boats. It was the first place I wanted to shoot. Well, the footage may not have been very successful, but I was very excited to be in this place that I had only seen on Facebook and Instagram. I took some time here to shoot with a drone as well.

Very close to the shore is the rock arch. In fact, the rock arch and the rocky shore near the village of Tyulenovo are among the most remarkable natural beauties of the northern parts of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

While we were enjoying the spot, we saw a group of young men diving into the water, jumping off the rocks.

They’re pretty crazy, aren’t they?

We stopped for an afternoon breakfast at the restaurant of Hotel Tyulenovo. The view from the restaurant was really nice and kind of soothing.


After eating and supporting ourselves with another coffee, we headed to Shabla, where we wanted to see the famous seaside lighthouse. Cape Shabla headlight is the oldest and tallest in Bulgaria – 32 meters. The facility is more than 150 years old. Painted in white and red, it has been pointing the way of seafarers in the Black Sea for over a century and a half.

We spent some time here, even arguing with the woman selling magnets near the headlight. I’m glad that later she became one of the top fans on Facebook.

And so from Shabla began the long road to Sinemorets. It was only later that we remembered that we had forgotten to visit Cape Kaliakra. This will probably remain for 2020. So we arrived at the Casa Di Angel in the evening. The moment we settled in we just took a shower and slept because today’s trip was quite tiring. I admit that I didn’t count it very well. We traveled the distance from one of the northernmost points to one of the southernmost points of our sea. However, I was proud that we were in Sinemorets and only stayed at Veleka beach and got some sunburst.

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