Day 14: Around Bulgaria in 14 days

So, the 14th day of our excursion was completely separate for (as we say in Plovdiv) – scourging of ail. We slept late, had breakfast at the hotel, drank coffee, chatted and so on until we reached Veleka Beach.

Veleka Beach is located in Sinemorets, at the mouth of the Veleka River and one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. It is located in an isolated location, but it is an extremely beautiful and peaceful beach. Beachers can bathe both in the sea and in the colder waters of the river. The charm of this beach lies in the way the river moves parallel to the sea and then flows into it in the form of a wide strip of golden sand. The area is part of a protected area, which is why it has preserved its beauty to this day. This place is a combination of sea, quaint rock formations, golden sand and green forests.

After taking some drone photos, we settled for a well deserved vacation in one of the coastal establishments. We were both so proud of Eileen that we were able to walk so long and see so many sights within 14 days. Sitting on the beach we enjoyed the latest lemonade for our excursion.

So 3000 km later, after many trips, ascents, breathlessness, lemonade, drone replacement and more, it was time to head to the good old Plovdiv and count the magnets we had collected.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has followed and supported us on facebook and instagram throughout our journey.

Marin is the person who organizes all trips – reservations, route selections and luggage preparations. He works actively in the IT, but even more actively likes to rest.

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