Devetashka cave

It is situated about 7 km from Letnitsa and 15 km northeast of Lovech, near the village Devetaki, on the east bank of Osam river. The access to the cave is along a path over a kilometer, which starts shortly after the exit from the road Lovech – Levski to the village Devetaki in the eastern direction, but in wet weather is difficult. After the bridge there is an improvised parking lot in the grass. An alternative road (more suitable for young children and the elderly because it is not steep) leads to a parking lot about 50 m from the cave – the road to it is shortly after the departure to the village Devetaki (direction Lovech – Levski).

It was discovered in 1921. Its total length is 2,442 m, the area is 20,400 m² and the height is 60 m. About 40 m inside the entrance there is a spacious hall of 2400 m². Inside the cave there are two branches, one of which flows through a creek and the other is dry and warm. There are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The logs at the entrance are impressive. Hall in the cave is named “The Altar”. In it, excavations at the Regional Museum of History, Lovech revealed some of the most interesting remains of the Neolithic times on the Bulgarian lands. They are included in the exhibition of the Museum Collection “Vasil and Atanas Atanasovi”.

Apart from the archaeological finds, the cave is also known for its diversity of inhabitants. Due to the breeding season of the mammoth cave, it is completely closed for visitors in June and July. There are 12 species of protected amphibians, a mosquito smoker (included in the Red Book), a southern crested triton, a tree frog, a common marsh turtle, a tortoise turtle (included in the World Red List), 82 species of birds in the area, 34 species of mammals (4 of which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria and 15 in the World Red List) and 15 species of bats.

From the late (early palaeolithic) cave in the cave, Prof. Zlatozar Boev has found and examined the bone remains of a total of 136 bird species – over 1/3 of the composition of the modern ornithofauna of the country. With it the Devetashka cave ranks first among the paleoornitological fields in Bulgaria.


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