Festival of lights – Plovdiv 2019

This year on 9 May, the day of Europe, the first “Light Festival” was held in Plovdiv in the central part of the city. The attendees have been able to see how some of the most beautiful facades in the city center “come alive” beneath the colorful lights of a captivating 3D mapping show.

In the month of the European elections, a 3D movie “Together we choose our future” was projected on an emblematic building in the center or, more precisely, on Stefan Stambolov Square. The screening was accompanied by a series of static art projections in the city center, the building of the Municipality of Plovdiv, lighting installations in Tsar Simeon’s garden, the water cascade on the steps of Angel Bukuresliev St. (known as “the stairs of Kamenitsa”) and the Ancient stadium of Philippopolis.

We were lucky enough to be in a good place, near the fountain of the buttons, from where we had good visibility to the 10-minute 3D movie. Unfortunately, we did not carry a tripod and we had to improvise a bit with the pictures and the video. Still, we hope you like it.


Unfortunately, the lack of a tripod and the crowd around me forced a slight improvisation and shot briefly by hand, and later I was able to stabilize the camera by the fountain. The 10 minute video you can watch here:


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