Въжен мост "Лисиците" снимка с дрон

“Lisitsite” rope bridge near Kardzhali

We haven’t blogged in a long time, and to be honest, we hardly have time left. Most recently, we had the opportunity to visit the longest rope bridge in Bulgaria, namely the one near the village of Lisitsite.

Rope bridge "Foxes"
Rope bridge “Foxes”

The bridge is located near Kardzhali. The road starts from the western part of the village of Shiroko Pole, taking a black asphalt road, which later becomes only “black”. It can be continued about 2 km further by car and left where you see fit. From there it is a walk of about 15-20 minutes (possibly more depending on the pace of walking). A railway line is reached which must be crossed:

Railway line before a bridge to the village of Lisitsike

Shortly after, the path continues, along which you can see local residents selling various things – from zucchini and peas to beer and waffles. And shortly after that is the bridge itself. It is 258 m long and is the only connection to the village of Lisitsike. From the other bank there is a great view of Monyak fortress.

Fortress "Monyak"
Fortress “Monyak”

You can stay for a short picnic or a walk to the village itself. If you still don’t feel like walking to this location and just want to see pictures of this place, check out the gallery.

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