Monument of Freedom – Shipka

The Monument of Freedom (also Shipka Monument) is a monumental sculpture on Mount St. Nicholas. The monument was erected in order to perpetuate the feats of the fallen for the freedom of Bulgaria in the place defended during the Shipka battle, around which the decisive for the Russo-Turkish war and the Liberation of Bulgaria fought in the summer of 1877. The monument is part of the Park -Muse “Shipka”.

Shipka National Park-Museum is located on the Balkan mountain peak of the same name. Until the early 1950s he was named St. Nicholas, and by 1977 Stoletov peak.

The National Park covers 26 monuments, among which some of the restored positions, batteries and dugouts of the defenders of the passage during the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation (1877-1878) can be seen.

The monument was built in 1934 and is also the largest among the objects in the park. It was discovered personally by Tsar Boris III, with over 100,000 people, including 80 living volunteers, presenting the event. Its shape resembles a medieval Bulgarian fortress. Its height of 31.5 m allows it to be seen at a distance of tens of kilometers. Next to the monument just under 900 steps.

The statue of a large 28-ton bronze lion, a symbol of Bulgaria, lies in front of the entrance. On the other three sides of the monument there are the names of the towns of Shipka, Sheinovo and Stara Zagora – the battlefields that protected the passage.

On the first floor under a large marble sarcophagus, the bones of the dead warriors for the Liberation of Bulgaria are resting. In front of it are placed two statues of a Bulgarian volunteer and a Russian warrior. On the other seven floors there is a rich exhibition containing personal belongings of the soldiers and soldiers, documents, archival photos, medals, weapons and all other objects related to this memorable moment for Bulgaria. Everyone here can also see a copy of the Samara flag – the first battle flag of the Bulgarian Volunteer.

From the last floor of the monument there is a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and hills.

In the park – the museum sells various souvenirs, books, information materials related to the Great Shipka Epopee. Various pedestrian tours are also available to individual Park objects.


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