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Our top 10 favorite destinations in Bulgaria

2019 has gone with many trips and adventures. We toured and spent the night in 76 different destinations, each unique in its own right. We wondered what were the destinations we wanted to visit again and again. Here we were able to collect our 10 favorite places in Bulgaria that we want to share with you.

Choosing only 10 is really difficult because every corner of our country is worth a visit. Each place energizes you and provides options for multiple adventures. And now, here are our top 10 places.

1. Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is our favorite city. With each visit we fall in love with it more and more. It is distinguished by its unique architecture, deeply influenced by its rich history and interesting geographical terrain. The Tsarevets fortress is located in the town, which is one of the most impressive medieval buildings on the Bulgarian lands, which have reached our time. The fortress is reminiscent of the former grandeur of medieval Bulgaria. On our last visit we were able to see the light show – an amazing experience. We were unable to take pictures, but next time we will be more prepared. In my opinion, this is a must-visit destination more than once.

2. Hotnitsa Waterfall

Marin has often told me about the Hotnitsa Waterfall, that it is one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria. When we went there, there was no way I could disagree. The Hotnitsa Waterfall will show you one of the amazing creations of nature. The water falls from a 30-meter cliff into a lake with blue-green waters. On the left begins a beautiful eco-trail with many bridges and stairs. It is about a kilometer and a half long and takes no more than an hour. Along the way great views of the waterfall and the river are revealed. Don’t miss this paradise! It is very close to Veliko Tarnovo and the Emen canyon.

3. Eagly eye panorama

It’s no secret that we love nature so much, one of our favorite places is the Eagle Eye. Up there you feel like a bird hovering around the peaks of the Rhodope Mountains and they look like an excited sea. The altitude is 1530 m. The structure is built above the gorge, with a person standing at its end located at over 680 meters in height. Impressive! You can stay for hours and admire what you see. As much as I try to tell you here what beauty will be revealed to you from above I will not be able to, so. I strongly recommend you to visit this magical place located above the village of Yagodina in the Rhodopes.

4. Devil’s path

There is no way I can miss an extreme eco trail such as the Devil’s. The trail can be started from Borino village or Buinovo Gorge. There are two circles – a large 10 km long and a small 3.8 km long. In addition to the beautiful views, the Devil’s Trail and its Little Circle also offer many challenges – the route is not an easy one. The trail gives an opportunity to explore the beautiful gorge of the Chatak Dere River. This is also my favorite area. Few places can boast such high adrenaline. The feeling is indescribable! The point here is to realize that the path is very well secured. I would gladly walk another 100 times there.

5. Melnik

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria. It was as if it had come out of a fairy tale. The romance that reigns is unique! The charm of the town is due to much of the considerably preserved ancient architecture, which carried them back to the time of the Bulgarian Revival. Melnik has been declared a museum town and is part of the UNESCO cultural heritage. There is no way I can miss the Pyramids of Melnik. Some are about 100 meters high – a marvel of nature. I was impressed with everything in this town – the architecture, the people, the beauty of the pyramids, the wine … I hope to visit this fabulous little town again soon.

6. Prohodna cave a.k.a “God’s eyes”

Prohodna Cave, also known as the Eyes of God. It was one of the sights that I very much wanted to visit. We have gone there several times. The cave, in addition to being extremely impressive, is also the longest cave tunnel in the country. It is not like the others, impresses with its impressive size and two identical holes in the ceiling, resembling eyes through which a strong stream of sunlight enters. I couldn’t stop looking at those big glowing eyes. The feeling is shaking. Every time we are in the area, we do not miss it.

7. Ovech fortress – Provadia

The fortress is located at a high elevation above the present city of Provadia. The fortress itself is much more massive than you might imagine. At the top where the entire Fortress is located – your breath stops. The views seen from this height are indescribable. In addition to seeing the whole city of Provadia, there are countless natural beauties, magnificent trees, rocks and all the beautiful expanse. The long wooden massive bridge is perhaps a little intimidating for those who have a fear of high, but if you do not cross the bridge, it is as if you walked this way to the Fortress – in vain. This wooden bridge connects the fortress with a neighboring plateau. Also include this amazing place in your list of must-visit places!

8. Belogradchik and Belogradchik fortress

Undoubtedly the Belogradchik rocks are one of the unique natural phenomena not only in Bulgaria and Europe, but also on a global scale. Among the folds of the Belogradchik Rocks lies the majestic Belogradchik Fortress. Already at the beginning of the fort, there is an incredible view of the rock massifs, which resemble strange shapes and fortress walls. It is one of the best preserved fortresses in Bulgaria. At the top the view is stunning. An eye to see and relive.

9. Bolata beach

Bolata beach is one of the most beautiful in the world, and is part of the Kaliakra Reserve. The seawater is as clear as crystal. There is an opportunity to admire it from above, in a large and comprehensive version. When we enjoyed the view below, of course we climbed to the nearby lighthouse, and our breath just stopped. The view is stunning. We passed for a little while and only managed to dip our feet into the clear water, but this year I hope to visit the small bay again and stay for a longer time. An interesting fact is that dolphins can be observed near the bay.

10. Sinemorets – Veleka beach

The favorite Blue! Where the Veleka River meets the Black Sea, they form a beautiful bay between two steep hills. The charm of this beach lies in the way the river moves parallel to the sea and then flows into it in the form of a wide strip of golden sand. If you want to have a cocktail on the beach, of course there are many nice restaurants. Marin often spoke to me about the beauty of this beach, after visiting it I realized that it was more beautiful than I imagined.

“Earth as one human palm …” – wrote the poet Ivan Vazov, and has collected so many historical and natural landmarks on its territory.

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