Spa procedures and relaxation in Grand Hotel Pomorie

For our anniversary this year, we decided not to go to a Halloween party, I think you can guess why. Instead, we chose to travel to the seaside and indulge in a little relaxation and relaxing spa treatments. We are not one of those people who usually can spend days in idleness lying by the pool or in a relaxation room, so we thought we would go to a place where we would combine a pleasant holiday with a walk and sightseeing. But it didn’t work out that way. Why?

The chosen destination was Pomorie.

Drone shot Marin Todorov

On Saturday afternoon we left sunny Plovdiv and arrived in a slightly frowning Pomorie. We are one of those people who love all seasons and the fact that it rained lightly did not spoil our mood at all. We even liked it.

We were invited to visit one of the best hotels, namely GRAND HOTEL POMORIE.

Drone shot - Marin Todorov
Grand Hotel Pomorie

We checked into the hotel. Our room was spacious and bright, with a large and comfortable bed.

Photograph - Marin Todorov
Grand Hotel Pomorie – double bedroom

The bathroom was big too. Here they had thought of people who want to relax in the bathtub and others, like me there is a shower. I don’t know what to say about the towels and bathrobes, except that they had put it like that – to have it as a reserve.

The view of the sea and the beach was simply unique. I hadn’t woken up in the morning in so long and when I looked out the window to see the pink sky reflected in the calm sea combined with the sound of the waves…

We couldn’t wait to see what’s in the depths of the hotel. We first came across, I guess expected at the lobby bar.

Photographer -  Marin Todorov
Grand Hotel Pomorie – Lobby bar

Well, after the long journey, we couldn’t help but drink a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. We were greeted by young and smiling people, with whom we had a very pleasant conversation. They told us that there is a games room, a library, a children’s playground, a gym, mini golf and of course a huge spa. It’s generally hard to get bored. In the game room there are two tables for backgammon, billiards and table football. And the library is this unique library. Many books that you can read on soft and comfortable armchairs. You go in and stay all day.

Of course, we couldn’t help but visit the spa. As soon as we parked the car, we talked to an arriving couple who came especially for him. The spa is really huge, just as we were told. There are three outdoor pools, one indoor pool with salt mineral water, children’s pool, two jacuzzis, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, herbal sauna and Turkish bath, steam bath, Egyptian bath, shower, bucket, ice cabin, shock pool, Kneipp path, salt room, rain cave, adventure shower, rain path, forest path. There are 17 more rooms for massages and therapies for face and body, a department for physiotherapy and a department for mud therapy and alkali treatment.

Here the water in one of the pools is seven times saltier than in the sea. They told us the story of the appearance of this huge spa. In the beginning, when they started building the hotel, they dug a water probe with which they wanted to water the gardens. After doing the necessary research, they found that the water is much saltier and with very good indicators. Then came the idea to make the spa. The salinity level of the water reaches 89% and its composition includes almost all chemical elements from the Mendeleev table. It even contains more chemical elements than the Dead Sea. Thanks to this, the spa offers treatment for over 45 different medical conditions.

I remember being told that you could not sink in the Dead Sea. This seemed like a complete fabrication to me. After trying the pool, I now agree to believe. I was even very interested in how the water tries to bring you to the surface.

I was very happy to see that I could go straight from the indoor pool to the outdoor one. It was unique because the water was warm and it was raining when I went outside. I’ve always dreamed of it raining and I being in a warm pool and seeing raindrops falling in the water.

The other thing that impressed me was the salt room. Especially in a season “full” of colds and flu, this was a very good place to visit. We didn’t miss her. I have read a lot about the benefits of these rooms. Helps with respiratory diseases. Relieves chronic bronchitis, reduces the risk of developing asthma. The air saturated with useful substances of the salt room helps with dermatitis, eczema, boils. In hypertension and heart disease. Salt fumes alleviate the condition and reduce the risk of heart attack. In case of nerve problems. And not only. Salt room sessions help with depression, chronic fatigue, improve mood, reduce anxiety and irritability. In a few words – it is useful for everything.

Grand Hotel Pomorie – salt room

After all this, it was time for a little rest in the room, and then for dinner.

The first thing that impressed us in the restaurant was that all anti-epidemic measures were taken. The tables were spaced apart, the food was on a buffet table, there were staff who placed the food, and there were Plexiglas partitions between customers and staff. I can’t say anything else about the food except that it was unique. At first, everything looked wonderful. They had even thought about vegans. Everything I tried was very tasty. I came back a few times to get dessert. I ate like a big piglet.

The time in the restaurant was passing so fast that we didn’t even notice when it was 11 o’clock. We returned to the room and quickly fell asleep.

We woke up early the next morning. We took a few pictures in the spa area while there were no people. We were able to look at it in detail. Everything is done with taste and style. Then it was time for breakfast. The same as dinner, so much choice and which one was better. I wanted to try everything. I liked the softies and waffles the most, I added a lot of chocolate and walnuts – bliss.

After breakfast, I tried the healing mud. The mud is extracted from the salty Pomorie Lake.

It is high in sulfur, iron, magnesium, chloride, calcium, potassium, sodium, hormones, vitamins and enzymes. We were told that after 6 hours the mud lost its healing properties.

They have listed so many benefits from mud procedures that I don’t even know if I can list them all. It is useful for the musculoskeletal system, peripheral and central nervous system, gynecological diseases, skin diseases, respiratory system, metabolic disorders and more and more…

The first bath was mixed with mud and salt water. At first I was afraid to enter because I didn’t know what to expect. But the surprise was pleasant – a hot tub. Naturally, it had a slight unpleasant odor, and I didn’t think it would smell like flowers if they took it out of the lake. The procedure lasted 20 minutes.

Grand Hotel Pomorie – Mud bath

Then I moved on to the next one. She was in a special tub that was heating up. They had put nylon on which I had to lie down. Then they poured mud on me, but thicker, and finally wrapped me in nylon. I really liked that. It was warm and relaxing. I could spend all day. This procedure also lasts 20 minutes.

These procedures had a wonderful effect on my skin. I know it has to be done at least 7 times to have an effect, but I didn’t go in order to heal my bones or anything, I still don’t need it, but skin care was unique. Then she blushed slightly.

This means that there was an effect of the given procedure. After the redness passed, my skin was soft, and the next day I felt super clean. After the procedure it is not good to bathe with shower gels or soaps. I complied with all requirements.

After all these spa therapies, Marin went to see how the mud was removed from the lake, then he told me and showed me videos. I’m sorry I didn’t see him live either.

Then we got in the car for a quick walk and lunch. First we walked along the strip, which on one side is the sea and on the other the lake. It was very beautiful.

Because the weather was nice and sunny, there were a lot of people who decided to go for a walk just like us. Right next to the port we came across the restaurant “At the American”. We were already hungry and sat down to lunch. The food was delicious and the view indescribable. I love to watch the sea when it is calm, somehow it gives me peace.

It was a walk outside the hotel. Then we went home to rest for a little more relaxation in the spa area. After about an hour of soaking in the pool, we got ready for a walk on the beach. There were unique pink clouds.

Photographer - Marin Todorov

From the hotel to the beach there is a bridge, through which you are there for a minute. You don’t even have to cross streets. Hotel – bridge and baam you find yourself on the beach. We sat on the pier and just looked at the sea – very romantic.

Photographer - Marin Todorov

Without realizing it, dinner time had come. First we chose to have a drink at the lobby bar because we weren’t very hungry yet. There we chatted again with the bartenders, who were extremely cheerful and fun. Later we decided to have dinner. The kitchen surprised us again with its uniquely prepared food. If only we could cook like that…

After eating we headed to the comfortable bed.

The next morning we got up, drank coffee, had breakfast, took a few pictures for the last time and left. We wanted to go home earlier, because after such a relaxing break, it’s hard to adjust to having to go to work the next day.

Grand Hotel Pomorie certainly remains one of the places we will return to in 2021. We highly recommend following the hotel page where you can follow the regular events they organize for their visitors.

Marin is the person who organizes all trips – reservations, route selections and luggage preparations. He works actively in the IT, but even more actively likes to rest.

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