The Red Church – Perushtitza

The red church of the Virgin Mary is a remnant of a Christian temple – a late antiquity and early medieval basilica from the 4th to the 14th Century in the town of Perushtitsa.

Represents in its highest part a central four-room hall, which in each of the four directions has semi-cylindrical niches, covered with a dome. From the northern and southern sides of the building there have been open-air compartments. In the northern ward there was a pool lined with pink marble that served as thermal baths, and later baptisms of new Christians were performed there. The church was extremely richly decorated, the floor was covered with mosaic, and the walls, lined with some marble slabs, were covered with frescoes.

Za konservatsiyata i eskponiraneto ì kŭm 2013 g. sa izrazkhodvani nad 2,3 miliona leva i pametnika e ofitsialno otkrit na 19.04.2013 g. Do neya vodi nova peshekhodna aleya s dŭlzhina 700 m i ima izgraden posetitelski tsentŭr.215/5000The preservation and displaying of the monument in 2013 amounted to over BGN 2.3 million and the monument was officially opened on 19.04.2013. A new 700 m long pedestrian promenade leads to it and a visitor center is built.



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