Trip to Eagle eye panorama (VIDEO)

One of our last trips for 2019 was to the village of Yagodina in the Rhodope Mountains and in particular to the Eagle Eye. The Eagle Eye panoramic site is one of our favorite tourist attractions in the Western Rhodopes region. The facility is built for tourists to enjoy magnificent views of the Buinovo Gorge, the Rhodope Mountains and even the Rila and Pirin Mountains. The site is built on the peak of Saint Ilia at an altitude of 1563m. and is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. When you step on it you feel like a bird flying through the peaks of the beautiful Rhodope Mountains.

On Saturday morning we left Plovdiv, where the weather was relatively cool. On the way the weather turned nice and sunny. How warm it can be in the middle of winter – I don’t know, but the degrees were about 14C. We booked the last room at the Mursal Hotel. We arrived around 1:00 pm. Along the way, we stopped to take some pictures of the Buinovo Gorge. I personally pass for the second time from there, and although I know how beautiful it is, I still looked around and enjoyed everything I saw. Of course I was scared too, because the road is very narrow.

Buynovo gorge

We were warmly welcomed at the hotel as usual. We got into the room and didn’t need any rest at all. We were loaded with so much energy that we wanted to leave as quickly as possible. We left our luggage, had lunch at the hotel tavern. The food there is always divinely delicious.

Hotel Mursal - restaurant

After lunch we head directly to Eagle Eye. This is one of our favorite destinations. It is special for me because one of our first trips was there and it brings me many fond memories.

We were offered to get to the panoramic site via offroad vehicle, but we preferred walking to there. It takes about 60 minutes to get to the spot.

On the path to eagle eye panorama

There were a lot of people at the top – they came, took pictures and left. Only we remained there.

Tourists taking pictures on eagle eye panorama

From the platform you can see as I mentioned at the beginning Buinovo Gorge, Borino village, Chala, Yagodina village, and in the distance – parts of Pirin, Rila and mountains in Greece.

I can’t describe how beautiful the view is. We took some pictures and video, of course we couldn’t miss the selfies.

Then we headed back to the hotel. The time to go back was much less now, I don’t know if it was 20 minutes. (I may be exaggerating).

Before we got back, we took some more pictures of the hotel yard.

The thing I really like about the hotel is the outdoor jacuzzi. It has incredible mountain views and one can really relax at maximum while sitting.

Bath in the forest

After this walk we decided to reward ourselves with a little rest there, but it didn’t work out because there were people. The hotel also has a sauna and steam room with aromatic herbs. We decided to rest in the room and have dinner. They cook very tasty there.

After a great dinner, it was time for a second attempt at the jacuzzi. This time it was free and we settled down. Before going to bed, we walked around the hotel for another photo in the dark.

Hotel Mursal during the night

We woke up very early in the morning because we wanted to shoot the mist creeping over the village. The view was extremely beautiful.

Fog over Yagodina

The mist was just passing the trees sitting across from the hotel

Fog over trees in Rhodope mountains

We had breakfast of mekitsi with sweet and tea. As we sat in the tavern, we saw two extremely strange and funny cats playing with the lamps on the terrace.

Cats at hotel Mursal

It was time to go home. We loaded our luggage and set off. On the way back we also went through the Vacha Dam where we took some more pictures.

Vacha reservoir shot with DJI Mavic 2 pro

The Eagle Eye is a destination that never gets boring. This is certainly not going to be the last time we visit this destination. I can’t wait to go there again.

If you like, you can also watch a video from this trip:

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