Trip to Eco Hotel Zdravets

The last few years in Plovdiv have almost no snow, and if it rains it is so small that it can hardly be said that there was snow. Along the holidays we decided to make a short trip to Zdravets hut, which is about 30 minutes from Plovdiv and 1185 meters above sea level. After a quick check of the hut’s webcams, we saw that there was some snow and we immediately headed for it. When we arrived, we went to the Zdravko Eco Hotel. We were able to make a short video and test my new camera.

For ski lovers, there is a ski slope next to the hut where they can have fun. There are also separate sections with rope routes and climbing blocks for children. We were able to kiss snowballs and drink hot chocolate at the restaurant.

Marin is the person who organizes all trips – reservations, route selections and luggage preparations. He works actively in the IT, but even more actively likes to rest.

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