Ustina waterfall and Saint George chapel

Saturday. June 1st. I ended up my shift at 3 p.m and wondered if we were going to visit any of the events in the city or going outside the city for a walk. I must mention that June 1st is day of the kid in Bulgaria. And since we are not big fans of crowds of people, we decided to head to one of the nearby waterfalls. After a quick research on the internet and we saw that Ustinski Falls is 30 minutes by car and another 30 minutes walking on the eco path. We grabbed the cameras and left. The way to Ustina turned out to be nice, though slightly black in the end. But not because of the holes on the road (if you know what I mean). Until the beginning of the eco-path it is reached by car, but it passes through some rather narrow and curved streets. Google Maps was surprisingly accurate to the beginning of the trail. I parked in front of a small fountain. There was a nice guy with a horse who guided us and informed us that there was a 30-minute walk to the waterfall. The path from the beginning was a bit curved and not comfortable, but we have seen worse. The place is beautiful and at first opens the view of the village.

Ustina Village at the beginning of the trail

We kept going and we reached the first pavilion, right from the start. There is a fountain from which you can stock with water in case you have forgotten.

First stop on the Ustina trail

Walking along a beautiful path. The trees were forming a sort of tunnel with their branches.

After a little climbing and groaning because of the weight of the backpacks, it goes out on the first “rock site” from which the village is again visible.

Another view to Ustina village

Along the entire trail there are enough signboards and there is no way to make a mistake. Relatively often, there are also holiday benches. We also reached the “Waterfall” sign, which appears to be 20m

Waterfall sign

Naturally, we were glad that the waterfall was was near. It’s time to open a bracket. We basically knew that the Ustian Falls were short-lived, but according to the information we found online, the waterfall is full during the spring or after heavy rainfall. The last two days it rained a lot, so we were sure the waterfall would be amazing. And so we got there. Here is the waterfall:

Seeing it along with Ailin we were throughly surprised. And disappointed. I may have addressed the mother of the waterfall and the lack of water. I do not remember exactly. It was not completely dry. If a man sinks a little with his eyes and shows little imagination, he can see the water. But it’s all good. We knew it could happen.

After we had a little rest, we decided to go to the nearby chapel. So we were already near. Before the chapel there is a great gazebo for rest and relaxation. Personally I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it.

Another stop on the Ustina trail

From this point on, the path became a bit steeper, but it was still not difficult. Along the bushes was heard buzzing of bugs (it was like there were hundreds of drones flying around me). Turning back, the view was worth it.

View from Saint George chapel- Ustina

The front view was no less impressive

View towards Saint George chapen – Ustina

After stopping for photos, panoramas and selfies, we finally reached the top. All this climbing witha 4 kg backpack was worth it:

Panorama of Saint George chapen

Here we spent some time climbing rocks, taking photos, selfies and videos. You can watch the video and the gallery with what we’ve been able to catch on the road.




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